Projects saved at Crew United

    2021Wer gräbt den Bestatter ein? (WT)Feature Film
    2021MæreShort Film
    2020I Care aka The Perfect Society (WT)Short Film
    2019YolbeShort Film
    2019Schmidbauer-Film - Carla (Social Spot)Commercial
    2019Sea Shepherd - Don't WorrySpec Commercial
    2018TMV - Welcome to the Baltic SeaSpec Commercial
    2018Levi's - Made for StrengthSpec Commercial
    2016AustretenFeature Film
    2016AustretenFeature Film
    2013HinterdupfingFeature Film
    2013HinterdupfingFeature Film
    2011Ein DeutscherShort Film
    2010Herrschaft Zeit'nIndie Feature Film
    2009Herrschaft Zeit'nIndie Feature Film