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Brief synopsis

Our absolute highlight project last year was definitely our image film for Scheuermann + Heilig, a leading company in the field of metal and plastic forming. Scheuermann + Heilig's components are used in applications ranging from the automotive and electronics industries to the communications sector. So the company's products really are everywhere, even if we wouldn't notice it at first.

Accordingly, the story of the film is based on the question: What if Scheuermann + Heilig didn't exist? The result is a parallel world that has to make do completely without the technology innovator's components and has thus been transported back in time, so to speak. From canned telephones and animal lawnmowers to terror drills - Scheuermann + Heilig's components are so diverse that it was a real pleasure for us to create the most bizarre alternatives and realize them on film. Our protagonist Peter has to navigate through this particularly absurd world and is not immune to one or two obstacles along the way. Whether it's the animal alarm clock that forgets to crow on time early in the morning or the garden shears as a substitute for a razor, which are very awkward to use - Peter has to overcome quite a few hurdles.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Sarah KochMaria [L]
Niklas Leifert
Peter [L]


1st ADSven Hertlein
2nd ADVerena Zuchna
Director of photographyJonas Schubach
Additional photographyJonathan Market
1st assistant cameraPhilipp Thurmaier
2nd assistant cameraMax Hilzensauer
Casting directorManolya Mutlu
Extras/bit player castingAlica Bacher
Costume designerRenata Barancova
DirectorDaniel Philipp
Storyboard artistSimon Wallner
Storyboard artistTanita Rosner
EditorPatrick Trageser
Key gripThomas Apel
Drone pilotLukas Maurer
GafferChristopher Rüttger
Lighting technician / electricianMaximilian Schmelzer
Lighting technician / electricianJacob Junker
Lighting technician / electricianBenjamin Bungarten
Lighting technician / electricianAdrian von Brentano
Makeup artist / hair stylistDaniela Schatz
Assistant makeup artistJennifer Fretz
ProducerIsabelle Orner
ProducerJana Peller
Assistant-/ junior-producerEllie Rohleder
Assistant-/ junior-producerFriederike Pieper
Producer of marketing and distributionJasmin Rolfs
Set decoratorFranziska Ganzer
Art department assistantJens Westermann
Art department assistantBenjamin Knuth
Assistant to propmaster /- buyerBenjamin Knuth
Set manager/ floor managerGunnar Kämmerer
Production driverLeopold Bachmann
Special effects coordinatorJan Singh
Animal trainerFarina Klause

Production companies

Panda Pictures GmbH