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Samsung Semiconductor - Titelbild | ©2009-2020 PANDA PICTURES GmbH | Filmproduktion & Agentur. All Rights Reserved
©2009-2020 PANDA PICTURES GmbH | Filmproduktion & Agentur. All Rights Reserved
Corporate Film | 2021-2022 | Germany

Main data

DirectorDaniel Philipp
Written bySimon Wallner (creator), Alica Bacher (creator)
ProductionPanda Pictures GmbH

Project data

Length of movie2.21 min.

Brief synopsis

You want simplicity, flexibility and digitalization in your life? So simple that you only need one device for all the different areas of your life? In other words, an all-rounder that you can always rely on!
Samsung Semiconductor has the solution: The best components combined in one.
Within this image film we accompanied our protagonist in her everyday life and could thereby show in which situations the functions of the Samsung Semiconductors are particularly useful and necessary, in order to master the everyday life carefree. No matter what situation she finds herself in, her devices never let her down and help her perform excellently.
With different perspectives, fade-ins of the displays and interesting typos, the image film was designed very appealingly. The close-ups give a good insight into the components of the products and prove their quality. With recurring animations, it was also possible to show the aspects of the products that set them apart from competing products.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Alicia Varela Carballokein Name [L]


Director of photographyPhilipp Thurmaier
Director of photographyOliver Frohnauer
Costume designerAnna Feder
DirectorDaniel Philipp
EditorPatrick Trageser
Lighting technician / electricianMax Hilzensauer
Lighting technician / electricianChristian Weisemöller
Makeup artist / hair stylistAnna Feder
ProducerJana Peller
Standby propsAlica Bacher
CreatorAlica Bacher
CreatorSimon Wallner

Production companies

Panda Pictures GmbH