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SVLFG | ©2009-2020 PANDA PICTURES GmbH | Filmproduktion & Agentur. All Rights Reserved
©2009-2020 PANDA PICTURES GmbH | Filmproduktion & Agentur. All Rights Reserved
Tutorial | 2021 | Germany

Brief synopsis

Insurance is there to protect us. In the important field of agriculture it is especially important to avoid accidents and dangers. The SVLFG, the social insurance wants to create the best security for their customers.
Therefore, this explanatory film was created for all insured persons of the SVLFG. It contains hints for the customers, which possible dangerous situations can be prevented. Above all, the safety instructions in this explanatory video serve to protect users with regard to crop protection. Through the animations of the video, the dangers can be explained in an easily understandable way. The characters used reflect the clients of the SVLFG and make it possible to address them better.
The use of characters not only serves to make the videos easier to understand, but also makes them more tangible, as people can identify with them themselves and better empathize with the hazards that are relevant in this case.


Motion graphics designerSimon Wallner
DirectorDaniel Philipp
EditorPatrick Trageser
ProducerVerena Zuchna
ProducerEllie Rohleder
Sound recordist (non fiction)Patrick Trageser
Commissioning editorNatalie Prinz [1]

Production companies

Panda Pictures GmbH