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Roman Danylchenko, line producer, producer, Berlin
  • Line producer
  • producer

About Roman Danylchenko

I wear many hats from Location Manager to Executive Producer and everything in between. But the main role is "a troubleshooter and sleuth of optimal solutions"

Each new movie for me is a new universe into which I dive headfirst, regardless of weather conditions. No production is too big or small for me to handle. It's my element, with all the weird components such as finding a lion, apricots at the beginning of March, or flying to another country for a film and delivering it to the set.

I have an extensive network of people to call upon when needed. Therefore, I can offer peace of mind by managing every detail of your production so you can relax and focus on your creative vision.

I aim to keep creative fantasies within the budget $

Advertising/Image/Music videos as producer

2022Podorozhnyk - EvkalorCommercialArkadij Pasechnik16on9 [ua]
2022Drake Star - Navigating InnovatorsCommercialArkadij Pasechnik16on9 [ua]

Fictional movies in other activities

2023SuspiriumShort FilmMultipleInnotale Productionsassistant production manager
2023Nachtbird (WT)Independent Feature FilmKelsey GillisWolfling [de]assistant to producer
2020PhantomShort FilmDmitriy GolumbevskiyBrave Film [uk]set manager/ floor manager

Advertising/Image/Music videos in other activities

2018Lenovo ThinkPad - Business Angel, StockCommercialAlexey KutepovKinohub [ua]casting director

Basic data

Experience abroadCentral Europe: Germany
North America: USA
Eastern Europe: Ukraine
West Asia: Turkey
Western Europe: United Kingdom
Education1) Kyiv Academy of Media Arts

2) Chernihiv National Technological University
Marketing, PR-technologies and logistics

3) Chernihiv Regional Lyceum For Gifted Youth
English philology

And various filmmaking courses...
Preferred place of workEurope
Immediate working areaBerlin
2nd residence (if applicable)Kyiv
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin