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Ride Above

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    Feature Film | 2021-2022 | Drama, Family, Tragicomedy | Canada, France



    Brief synopsis

    Literally born and raised with horses, Zoe leads a happy life at her parents’ racehorse stables, driven by the dream of someday becoming a jockey like her father. To Zoe, nothing beats being with horses, especially her « best friend » Beautiful Intrigue, the stable’s prize mare, who taught the child how to walk.

    When Beautiful Intrigue gives birth to a foal that Zoe names Tempest, the girl is the first to see in him the champion her parents have been waiting and working for all their lives. The winner she will ride to victory. But Zoe’s dreams are shattered one stormy night, when a panicked Tempest accidentally injures the girl, leaving her permanently “disabled”.

    Furious at life, Zoe slips into despair and pulls her entire family down with her, especially her father, who is on the verge of losing everything. But with the indefectible support of her family and the help of Seb, a stable hand with a gift for communicating with horses, Zoe will seek to conquer the impossible, in pursuit of her dream.

    (TF1 Studio)


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Carmen KassovitzZoé (17 years old) [L]
    Mélanie LaurentMarie [L]
    Pio MarmaïPhilippe [L]
    Carole BouquetMadame Cooper [GS]
    Danny HustonMonsieur Cooper [GS]
    Kacey Mottet-KleinSébastien [SR]
    Hugo BeckerPierre [SR]
    Charlie PauletZoé (12 years old) [SR]
    June BenardZoé (5 years old) [SR]
    Atmen KelifHaddid [SR]


    1st ADStéphane Gluck
    Post production supervisorAurélien Adjedj
    Post production supervisorPierre Thériault
    Director of photographyChristophe Graillot
    Still photographerJulien Panié
    Casting directorValérie Espagne
    Costume designer (creator)Alice Cambournac
    DirectorChristophe Duguay
    EditorMaxime Lahaie
    EditorSylvain Lebel
    ComposerMichel Cusson
    ProducerJoe Iacono
    ProducerRomain Rousseau
    ProducerChristian Duguay
    ProducerMaxime Delauney
    ProducerMarie Claude Poulain
    ProducerMatthieu Ageron
    Co-producerNathalie Toulza Madar
    Co-producerArdavan Safaee
    Production designerFrédéric Grandclère
    Production designerFrédérique Doublet
    Production managerLuc Martinage
    Production secretaryCharles Barberousse
    Assistant location managerMarie Ledoux
    Préparation & tournage en Normandie
    Préparation & tournage en Normandie
    ScreenwriterLilou Fogli
    ScreenwriterChristophe Duguay
    Literary sourceChristophe Donner
    novel 'Tempête dans un haras'
    novel 'Tempête dans un haras'
    Production sound mixerEmmanuelle Villard

    Distribution / Sales companies

    Best Film [pl]
    Pathé [fr]
    TF1 Studio [fr]
    DCM Film Distribution GmbH [de]
    Germany (theatrical) 2023
    Germany (theatrical) 2023


    Production ConsultingSecoya Eco-tournage [fr]


    2022FranceFestival du Film Francophone d'Angoulême


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    First showingFranceCanal+ [fr]Saturday, 16/09/2023, 9.00 PM

    Cinema releases and premieres

    Theatre releaseItalyThursday, 14/09/2023
    Theatre releasePolandFriday, 08/09/2023
    Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 10/08/2023
    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 21/12/2022
    PremiereSaturday, 27/08/2022Festival du Film Francophone d'Angoulême [fr]