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    Movies saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2022Concert For Ludy - The Sound of Peace
    Moderation [L]
    Concert RecordingModeration [L]
    2020Share - Wärme für dich. Wärme für ein Kind.
    2018No Status, Baby!
    Special Guest [GS]
    Web MagazineSpecial Guest [GS]
    2018Sennheiser - TeamConnect Ceiling 2. How To Clip (WT)
    Moderator [L]
    CommercialModerator [L]
    2011Mercedes Benz - Tour d'innovation (SLK, C-Coupe)
    Patrice [L]
    CommercialPatrice [L]
    2005Your Face or Mine? (Testpilot)
    Moderator [SR]
    TV-Show, MTVModerator [SR]
    2005MTV Urban
    P.B. [SR]
    TV-ShowP.B. [SR]
    2003Ferrero - Kinder MaxiKing (MTV Promotion)
    Moderation [L]
    Commercial, MTVModeration [L]