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©pasqusle rotondi film project
©pasqusle rotondi film project
Feature Film | 2023-2024 | Drama, History, War | Italy
The project "Pasquale Rotondi Un Eroe Italiano" has been editorially approved, but continues to be regularly reviewed, updated and supported through to release by our editors. Please inform us of missing, false or outdated data.

Main data

Shooting data

Number of shooting days41
LocationsSant'Angelo in Vado, Sassocorvaro und Carpegna
Filming regionsItaly, San Marino

Project data

Length of movie2h


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Simone LiberatiPasquale Rotondi [L]
Antonio De MatteoAugusto Pretelli [L]
Lia GriecoZea Bernardini [L]
Stefan WoelkSS Oberführer [SR]
Cristiana BertolottiFederico Pigrucci [SR]
Massimo BitossiTenente SS Weber [SR]
Emanuele CioccaGing Montagna [SR]
Federico MarignettiDon Aiutti [SR]
Antonio FabianoScharführer [SR]


DirectorRoberto Dordit
ProducerMariella Li Sacchi
Assistant production designerMiriam Judith Reichel
period WWII
period WWII

Production companies

Qualityfilm S.r.l. [it]

Distribution / Sales companies

RAI Cinema [it]