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Pamela Field, actress, Barcelona
  • Actress
Born on 27.06.1959 in Elizabeth, New Jersey (64 Years)

Basic data

Skills (sports)swimmingyoga
Immediate working areaBarcelona
1st residence (federal state or country)Spain - Catalonia



Can Bonastre de Mas Pujo, Piera (Barcelona)08784  PieraSpain
Mobile+34 634 563 399

About Pamela Field

Pamela Field is a bilingual actress (English/Spanish) originally from New York City. She received her training at the Academy of Dramatic Arts and HB Studio (among other courses and schools). She has worked in feature films, television series and theater productions. She had the lead role in an independent feature film called The Woman and the Cross written and directed by Arno Oehri (2022 - in post production). Pamela lived in Mexico City, London and Tuscon, Arizona and she now resides in Barcelona. She is studying German and speaks it well enough for day player roles in German productions. Pamela has very good timing for comedic roles and can bring a lot to unusual, quirky and "out of the box" characters.

Movies as actress

2023Awakening A Mermaid's Tale
Mummo Ulli [SR]
Feature FilmYolanda TorresMummo Ulli [SR]
2023Com si fos ahir
Cynthia [SRE]
TV Series, TV3 (catalÓ) [es]Sònia SánchezCynthia [SRE]
2022Who is Erin Carter?
Gabriel Leon [SRE]
TV Series, NetflixMultipleGabriel Leon [SRE]
2021Washed Away
Diana [L]
Short FilmOmar BradostiDiana [L]
2021The Woman And The Cross (aka Wilgefortis) (WT)
The Woman [L]
Independent Feature FilmArno OehriThe Woman [L]
2019Poke Greta!
Greta Garbo [L]
Showreel ProductionPamela FieldGreta Garbo [L]
2018Be Happy!
Pam [SR]
Independent Feature FilmVentura PonsPam [SR]
2006Harvest Moon
Josephine [L]
Medium Length FilmJack McKuskyJosephine [L]
2004The Machinist
Business Woman [BP]
Feature FilmBrad AndersonBusiness Woman [BP]
2002Second Name
Mature Bar Woman [BP]
Feature FilmPaco PlazaMature Bar Woman [BP]
2002Food of Love
Diane [SR]
Feature FilmVentura PonsDiane [SR]
1986The Signal
Mademoiselle Grangerie [L]
Medium Length FilmJean-Michel PlacentMademoiselle Grangerie [L]

Theatre engagements

YearProduction nameRoleDirectorTheatre
2011La verdad desnuda (The Naked Truth)RenÚ (lead) (in spanish)Teresa MoncayoTeatro San Francisco (Vejer de la Frontera, Cadiz)
1987Canaries Sometimes Sing (period drama 1930s)Anne Lymes (lead)Bruce MarrTeatro Nada, NYC
1986Cabin B-13 (period drama 1930s)Ann Brewster (Lead)Bruce MarrTeatro Nada, NYC
1986Brief Encounter (period drama - 1940s)Laura (Lead)Bruce MarrTeatro Nada, NYC
1985The Noble Lord (period drama 1930s)She (lead)Bruce MarrTeatro Nada, NYC

Basic data

Height171 cm
Body typeslim
Clothing size38
Ethnic appearancewhite central european
Hair coloursalt and pepper
Hair lengthmedium
Eye colourbrown
Voice typemezzosoprano
Skills (sports)swimmingyoga
Immediate working areaBarcelona
1st residence (federal state or country)Spain - Catalonia