Pagan Peak

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    TV Series | Episodes 9-16 | 2020 | Sky [de] (vormals Premiere) | Drama, Whodunit | Austria, Germany
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    Production accountantSylke Nitz
    DirectorCyrill Boss
    DirectorPhilipp Stennert
    1st AD (local system)Manuel Kreuzpaintner
    ProducerQuirin Berg
    ProducerMax Wiedemann
    ProducerJakob Pochlatko
    ProducerDieter Pochlatko
    Production designerHeike Lange
    Assistant production designerJohanna Komander
    Art directorAdriana Luna
    Set decoratorMarei Hitzler
    Prop masterJohannes Wild
    Location scoutUte Platzer
    Location scoutMarina Winter
    Location scoutJohannes Reiter
    Graphic artistMichael Nolan
    Assistant production managerAnne Komorowski
    ScreenwriterCyrill Boss
    ScreenwriterPhilipp Stennert
    Commissioning editorQuirin Schmidt

    Production companies

    W&B Television GmbH & Co. KG