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Meltem Kurzfilm Titelbild | ©2009-2020 PANDA PICTURES GmbH | Filmproduktion & Agentur. All Rights Reserved
©2009-2020 PANDA PICTURES GmbH | Filmproduktion & Agentur. All Rights Reserved
Product video | 2021 | Germany

Main data

DirectorDaniel Philipp
Written byAlica Bacher (creator), Simon Wallner (creator)
ProductionPanda Pictures GmbH

Project data

Length of movie1min 28s

Brief synopsis

One of the three product films produced for Meltem shows the functionality and benefits of the Meltem app. In this case, the app is presented through a combination of real scenes and animations. For example, the simplified representation of the devices and the animations visualize the interaction of the different end devices, making it easy to understand how the data is read in the Meltem app. All the benefits of the app are presented through icons and typo animations. It is important not to overload the viewer with too much text and instead focus on individual key terms. By coloring the icons, such keywords can also be highlighted again without compromising the readability of the text.


3d artistAlica Bacher
2d artistSimon Wallner
DirectorDaniel Philipp
EditorPatrick Trageser
ProducerIsabelle Orner
CreatorSimon Wallner
CreatorAlica Bacher

Production companies

Panda Pictures GmbH