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Mariel Lohninger, production sound mixer, Tokyo
© Mariel Lohninger
  • Production sound mixer
Born 1982 (41 Years)


Mobile+81 80 87006164
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    Movies as production sound mixer

    2021InvasionTV Series, Apple TV+MultipleGenre Films [us]
    2020Waffles + Mochi's RestaurantTV Series, NetflixMultipleHigher Ground Productions [us]
    2006Wristcutters - A Love StoryFeature FilmGoran DukicNo Matter Pictures [us]

    Movies in other capacities

    2014Leafy Satori Risk - It Was Not EasyMusic VideoKarl LohningerMidnight Oil Films [us]producer

    Basic data

    Experience abroadCentral Europe: Germany
    North America: Canada, USA
    East Asia: Japan
    South Asia: Nepal
    Western Europe: France, United Kingdom
    Own equipmentI have a wide variety of high-end location sound equipment available for taking on projects any size: Sound Devices 888, 633, and 744T multitrack recorders, Lectrosonics digital miniature talent wireless, Lectrosonics IFBs, antenna distribution systems, location microphones, timecode slates, lockit boxes, wireless camera hop systems, invisible Phonak in-ear wireless cuing "ear-wigs", ORTF stereo mics, and more.
    Immediate working areaTokyo
    2nd residence (if applicable)Osaka
    1st residence (federal state or country)Japan