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Product video | 2022-2023 | Germany

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Length of movie1min

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As part of the Iveco Group, Magirus GmbH is fully committed to fire protection with its production of firefighting equipment and firefighting vehicles and ensures safety with its innovative firefighting technology. As part of the Next Generation product range, the Wolf C1 and R1 herald a new era in firefighting technology. All under the motto: Integrated, intelligent, Magirus.

Thanks to their high-quality and future-oriented technology, the new Wolf C1 and Wolf R1 are equipped for all kinds of operations. They can take on the transportation of large loads and equipment, even in difficult terrain. This makes it particularly versatile.

Such special technology deserves an equally special film. From our location in Ulm, we set off at night into a mystical forest in Baden-Württemberg to film the wolf and do justice to its name. So of course the namesake had to be there too. In our film, the wolf therefore enters into a visual dialog with the real animal. In order to be able to implement this visual trick, we merged a mixture of real footage, which was generated on location in the forest, and stock footage to create a uniform image.

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DirectorDaniel Philipp

Production companies

Panda Pictures GmbH