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Mad Heidi

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    Feature Film | 2021-2022 | Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror | Switzerland

    Shooting data

    Start of shooting17/09/2021
    End of shooting26/10/2021
    Number of shooting days27
    Filming regionsSwitzerland



    Brief synopsis

    The little girl from the alps is back... With a Vengeance!
    They just fucked with the wrong Heidi!

    In a dystopian Switzerland that has fallen under the fascist rule of an evil cheese tyrant, Heidi lives the pure and simple life in the Swiss Alps. Grandfather Alpöhi does his best to protect Heidi, but her yearning for freedom soon gets her into trouble with the dictator’s henchmen. The innocent girl transforms herself into a kick-ass female fighting force who sets out to liberate the country from the insane cheese fascists.



    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Alice LucyHeidi [L]
    David SchofieldAlpöhi [L]
    Casper Van DienPresident Meili [L]
    Rebecca Dyson-SmithLutz [GS]
    Grazia PergolettiPropaganda Lady [GS]
    Werner BiermeierCheesemaster Kari [SR]
    Katja KolmFräulein Rottweiler [SR]
    Philippe SchulerFrench Delegate [SR]
    Max RüdlingerKommandant Knorr [SR]
    Thomas SchottKormann Driver Morgensterntruck/ Soldier musician [SR]
    Patrick SlanziSoldier Snitch [SR]
    Pascal UlliDr. Schwitzgebel [SR]
    Yves WüthrichYodeler [BP]
    Matthias KochMorgenstern Soldier [BP]
    Dennis SchwabenlandSoldier Strongman [BP]


    1st ADThomas Kaufmann
    2nd ADStephan Schoenholtz
    2nd AD CrowdArnold H. Bucher
    single shoot days
    single shoot days
    2nd AD CrowdMarianne Eggenberger
    single shoot days
    single shoot days
    Director of photographyEric Lehner
    Steadicam operatorLukas Franz
    Costume makerThomas Schott
    DirectorJohannes Hartmann
    DirectorSandro Klopfstein
    Assistant to directorSandro Klopfstein
    Script supervisor traineeNikolai Paul
    EditorIsai Oswald
    Production designerMyriam Kaelin
    Standby propsNoah Inhauser
    Picture car wranglerThomas Schott
    Prop builderThomas Schott
    Weapon advisorThomas Schott
    Production managerBeni Lehmann
    Assistant production managerZoe Pile
    Assistant production managerEmma Kohler
    Unit managerSerge Gerber
    Unit & Location Manager
    Unit & Location Manager
    Set manager/ floor managerMelanie Kachofner
    / Set Manager
    / Set Manager
    Set runnerChristian Ansonia
    ScreenwriterTrent Haaga
    ScreenwriterSandro Klopfstein
    ScreenwriterJohannes Hartmann
    ScreenwriterGregory D. Widmer
    Boom operatorChristian Peruzzetto
    Stunt coordinatorMarcel Stucki
    Stuntman/womanRoland Siegenthaler
    Head stunt riggerMathieu Jaquet
    Stunt riggerMathieu Jaquet
    Key Stunt Rigger
    Key Stunt Rigger

    Production companies

    A Film Company GmbH [ch]
    Swissploitation Films [ch]

    Distributing companies

    24 Bilder Film GmbH [de]
    / Nameless Media (Germany / Austria / German Switzerland)
    / Nameless Media (Germany / Austria / German Switzerland)


    2022SwitzerlandZFF - Zurich Film FestivalSpecial Screenings
    2022BelgiumBIFFF - Brussels International Fantastic Film FestivalWorld premiere


    Theatre releaseSwitzerlandThursday, 24/11/2022German-Switzerland, online release on 08.12. (
    Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 24/11/2022Online release on 08.12. (
    Theatre releaseAustriaThursday, 24/11/2022Online release on 08.12. (