Projects saved at Crew United

    2019Gretel and HanselFeature Film
    2018Sherlock GnomesFeature Film
    2018Creed IIFeature FilmUSA (theatrical)
    2018Creed IIFeature Film
    2018Operation FinaleFeature FilmTheatrical USA
    2018Operation FinaleFeature Film
    2017Tomb RaiderFeature Film
    2017A Star is bornFeature Filmin association with
    2017Death WishFeature Film
    2017The HustleFeature Film
    2016Death WishFeature FilmUSA Kino
    2016Everything, EverythingFeature Film
    2016Everything, EverythingFeature Film
    2016The Magnificent SevenFeature Film
    2015Ben HurFeature Film
    2015Barbershop - The Next CutFeature Film
    2015CreedFeature Film
    2015Hot PersuitFeature Film
    2014James Bond 007 - SpectreFeature Film
    2013Hercules. The Thracian WarsFeature Film