Projects saved at Crew United

    2017Fritschs Pfusch (aka Pfusch)Documentarydirector
    2015Lose SightShort Feature Filmscreenwriter
    2015Lose SightShort Feature Filmdirector
    2014TaurusFeature Film2nd2nd resp. 3rd AD
    2014Manfred / A woman like the seaShort Feature Filmdirector
    2014Manfred / A woman like the seaShort Feature Filmscreenwriter
    2013Paper Man BilalShort Documentarydirector
    2012PromenadeShort Feature Filmboom operator
    2012Die UnterführungShort Feature Filmboom operator
    2012AbseitsfalleFeature Film2nd2nd resp. 3rd AD
    2012Dizzy´s PubShort Feature Filmboom operator
    2010The Next LevelShort Feature Filmscreenwriter
    2010The Next LevelShort Feature Filmdirector
    2010Out of the DarknessDocumentary1st assistant directorCo-Autorin/Regieassistentin
    2010Out of the DarknessDocumentaryco-writer