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Brief synopsis

Malo and Stéphane are two students who are kind of losers and have just started high school. Their plan to become popular: to host a German exchange student with a lot of style. Too bad for Malo, who gets stuck with a Goth who will make his life hell.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Charles BerlingFranck [L]
Sylvie TestudEloïse [L]
Jimmy LabeeuMalo [L]
Sophie MouselSacha [L]
Frank BellocqMonsieur Duberger [SR]
Léon PlazolStéphane [SR]
Inez DesclinSimone [SR]


1st ADThomine De Pins
1st ADArnaud Freitag
Post production supervisorAurélien Adjedj
Director of photographyPhilip van Volsem
Costume designerElisabeth Bornuat
Costume designerNatacha Diehl
DirectorJean-Michel Ben Soussan
Script supervisorDelina Petit-Pierre
ComposerMaxime Lebidois
Music supervisorGuillaume Robin
ProducerCyril Colbeau-Justin
ProducerJean-Baptiste Dupont
Production designerPatrick Dechesne
Line producerDavid Giordano
Production managerMartin Jaubert
Production managerMaxime Maisin
Unit managerDavid De Sutter
ScreenwriterMarie Pauline Denial
ScreenwriterStanislas Marsh
Production sound mixerPierre Tucat
Sound editorRoland Voglaire

Distributing companies

Studiocanal [fr]


Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 17/08/2016