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Philipp Lenner
Zeppelinstrasse 5581669  MünchenGermany
Phone+49 89 954576370
Fax+49 89 954576373

    About Lang & Lenner GmbH

    We are a production company, consultant or whatever ... we are Lang & Lenner ... we make films!

    Projects as production

    2021Klüber Lubrication - Moving ahead togetherCorporate FilmChristian Lang
    2021Hartmann Direct - Supporting those that care (3 Spots)Corporate FilmChristian Lang
    2021Microsoft Customer Story - GoldbeckCorporate FilmChristian Lang
    2021Microsoft - Macher mit Vision. Annette Hamann (Beiersdorf)Corporate FilmChristian Lang
    2021Dawonia - QuoVadis IX. Corona und der ImmobilienzyklusEvent RecordingPhilipp Lenner
    2021Aktion kleine Helden - Yoga-Charity-EventEvent RecordingPhilipp Lenner
    2021Microsoft Customer Story - SchaefflerCorporate FilmChristian Lang
    2021Microsoft Customer Story - AllianzCorporate FilmChristian Lang
    2021Der WeinheiligeWeb MagazinePhilipp Lenner
    2021Microsoft Customer Story - DB SchenkerCorporate FilmChristian Lang
    2021Microsoft Customer Story - Senatskanzlei HamburgCorporate FilmChristian Lang
    2021Microsoft Customer Story - FrostaCorporate FilmChristian Lang
    2021Continental - Heartbeat StoriesCorporate FilmMultiple
    2020Microsoft Customer Story - Hamburger HochbahnCorporate FilmChristian Lang
    2020Microsoft - UnmutedCorporate FilmPhilipp Lenner
    2020Microsoft Customer Story - BDACorporate FilmPhilipp Lenner
    2020Tirol Werbung – Tirol making MemoriesCorporate FilmChristian Lang
    2020IUBH Internationale Hochschule - RebrandingCommercialChristian Lang
    2020The Yellow Jacket Session - Rea Garvey (Webshow)ShowPhilipp Lenner
    2020Microsoft - Macher mit Vision. Damian Bunyan (Uniper)Corporate FilmChristian Lang

    Projects as distributor

    2020Michael Mittermeier - Lucky Punch
    Postproduktion: Lang & Lenner GmbH
    TV-Event, 3satNadja ZonsarowaPostproduktion: Lang & Lenner GmbH

    Branch offices

    Company data

    Date of company foundation2018
    Immediate working areaHead office: Munich
    Branch offices: Munich