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Krimi Hann.Münden | © Manija GmbH
© Manija GmbH
Teaser (Film Concept) | 2022 | Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Whodunit | Germany

Main data

DirectorJakob Gisik
Written byJakob Gisik, Nils Rehbein
ProductionManija GmbH

Shooting data

Start of shooting15/06/2022
End of shooting16/10/2022
LocationsHann. Münden
Filming regionsGermany - Lower Saxony


Brief synopsis

In a picturesque small german town a corpse is fished out of a river. An eyewitness saw a person in ancient clothing flee the scene. This mysterious case leads the investigators back to the 18th century.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Sina ZadraElena Kappstett [L]
Eugen Bauder
Thomas Winkler [L]
Prashant JaiswalAngler [SR]
Marta ShkopNatalie Kappstett [SR]
David GisikDealer [SR]
Udo SchenkClemens Rodenbusch [SR]
Florian DonathAlexander Elser [SR]
Andreas PapeKripo-Beamter Andreas [SR]


1st assistant cameraNils Rehbein
DirectorJakob Gisik
1st AD (local system)Rolf Schapals
EditorNils Rehbein
ComposerAmadeus Indetzki
ScreenwriterNils Rehbein
ScreenwriterJakob Gisik

Production companies

Manija GmbH


Production ConsultingJan Fischer Police Consultant
Police Consultant
Police Consultant