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Krieg vor Gericht | ©LOOKSfilm
Documentary (multi-part) | 2020-2021 | arte | Germany

Brief synopsis

The International Criminal Tribunal For The Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) was a unique experiment in the history of justice. For the first time, war criminals from all sides of a conflict were tried by an independent and international court. In more than 20 years, the ICTY sentenced 160 persons – from Milošević and Mladić to ordinary men the war had turned into criminals – and exposed the Srebrenica genocide. Yet, its legacy is controversial. Today, the people of ex-Yugoslavia are nowhere close to reconciliation, and the idea of international justice seems utopian.


Post production assistantJakob Leue
Post production assistantVolker Schulze
Director of photographyFilippo Genovese
DirectorLucio Mollica
EditorPhilipp Gromov
ComposerTobias Fritzsch
ComposerLaurent Eyquem
Executive producerRegina Bouchehri
Executive producerGunnar Dedio
Supervising producerBirgit Rasch
Development producerChristin Schutta
Line producerNils Visé
Line producerLeonardo Re
Production managerBarborá Svobodova
Production managerGünter Thimm
Production managerNathalie Dietrich
Postproduction managerChristoph Lewinske
Assistant production managerKatarina Rakić
Assistant production managerLisa Weyrauch
Assistant production managerDanjela Brückner
ScreenwriterLucio Mollica
Archive researchManuel Heller
Production sound mixerTobias Fritzsch
Sound recordist (non fiction)Ludovico Paiella
Sound recordist (non fiction)Alessio Dagianti
Sound recordist (non fiction)Nenad Kovacević
Commissioning editorJakub Mahler
Commissioning editorChristian von Behr
Commissioning editorMarkéta Štinglová
Commissioning editorRolf Bergmann
ConsultantTanja Matić
ConsultantIva Vukusić

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Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
LOOKSfilm2022Grimme Price [de]
Information & Culture
Information & CultureNominated
Lucio Mollica2022Grimme Price [de]
Information & Culture
Information & CultureNominated
Lucio Mollica2021Deutsche Akademie für Fernsehen [de]


TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
RepeatGermanyARD [de]Monday, 10/05/2021, 11.50 PM
First showingGermanyarteTuesday, 04/05/2021, 9.45 PM