• Set decorator

    Projects as set decorator

    2019The RescueFeature FilmDante LamChina Modern Film and Television Development [cn]

    Film projects in other capacities

    2016Ghost in the ShellFeature FilmRupert SandersArad Productions [us]assistant art director Hong Kong (uncredited)
    2015GeostormFeature FilmDean DevlinElectric Entertainment [us]assistant art director
    2013Transformers: Age of ExtinctionFeature FilmMichael BayParamount Pictures [us]assistant art director Hong Kong
    2013BlackhatFeature FilmMichael MannLegendary Pictures [us]assistant art director Hong Kong
    2012VoyageFeature FilmScudArtwalker Limited [hk]assistant art director
    2010ContagionFeature FilmSteven SoderberghWarner Bros. Pictures [us]assistant art director For the part of Hong Kong
    2010Largo Winch 2 - UltimatumFeature FilmJérôme SallePan Européenne [fr]standby props Hong Kong
    2008Carsten Rehder Schiffsmakler & Reederei - Image '08Corporate FilmRalph LoopPanFilm Wolfesservice producer

    Basic data

    NationalityBritish, Chinese
    LanguagesCantonese Chinese English German
    Experience abroadEast Asia: China
    Southeast Asia: Hongkong, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan
    Western Europe: Germany, Netherlands
    Immediate working areaBerlin
    1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin
    2nd residence (if applicable)Hong Kong