Projects saved at Crew United

    2021Small WorldFeature Film
    2020The Other PathIndie Feature FilmGermany
    2020CensorFeature FilmGermany 2021
    2020InfidelFeature FilmGermany (theatrical) - 2021
    2020Stage MotherFeature Film
    2020PętlaFeature FilmGermany (theatrical)
    2019Semper FiFeature FilmGermany (theatrical) 2020
    2019Still HereFeature FilmGermany (theatrical 2020)
    2018Bruder Schwester HerzFeature Film
    2018The Wild Pear TreeFeature FilmGermany 2020 (Theatrical)
    2017Laible und Frisch – Do goht dr DoigFeature Film
    2017Fly Rocket FlyDocumentary FeatureVerleih Deutschland
    2017UnforgivenFeature FilmVerleih Deutschland
    2017Aile ArasindaFeature Film
    2017Wonders of the Sea 3DDocumentary FeatureDeutschland
    2016SobiborFeature FilmDeutschland
    2016UltraslanDocumentary Feature
    2015Manou the SwiftFeature FilmDeutschland
    2014MatildaFeature Film
    2014Summers DownstairsFeature Film