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Kate Samozhneva, screenwriter, Minsk
  • Screenwriter
Born 1976 in Minsk (47 Years)


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    About Kate Samozhneva

    Kate Samozhneva (pen name) is a writer and director. Kate earned her Bachelor degree from the Linguistic University and a Diploma in Integrated Approach to PR from London School of Public Relations. For 20+ years, Kate worked as an interpreter, translator, tutor, copywriter, and PR & Communications manager. Having left her corporate job to follow her dream, Kate completed a number of courses in creative writing and screenwriting, and graduated from a Belarusian film school as a screenwriter and filmmaker. Today, she is an author of 3 short films and keeps expanding her knowledge and improving professional skills. In 2023, Kate joined Belarusian Filmmakers' Network as its PR Manager.

    Movies as screenwriter

    2019KupalinkaShort FilmMultipleKate Samozhneva Production [by]

    Movies in other capacities

    2019KupalinkaShort FilmMultipleKate Samozhneva Production [by]director

    Basic data

    EducationMinsk State Linguistic University, London School of Public Relations in Belarus, Creative Writing School https://litschool.pro/ (creative writing, screenwriting), Film School of A.Polupanov https://filmschool.by/ (filmmaking, screenwriting)
    Immediate working areaMinsk
    1st residence (federal state or country)Belarus