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    Movies saved at Crew United

    2020Jeanny - Das fünfte Mädchen (ARD)TV Movie, MDR [de], ORF [at]key grip
    2017How I Taught Myself to Be a ChildFeature Filmkey grip
    2017Schnell ermitteltTV Series, ORF [at]key grip
    2017Harri Pinter, DrecksauFeature Film, ORF [at]key grip
    2016VorstadtweiberTV Series, ARD [de], ORF [at]key grip
    2016Sacher - A Tale of Doom and SeductionTV Movie (multi-part), ORF [at], ZDF [de]key grip
    2016Tatort - SchockTV-Movie (Series), ORF [at]key grip
    2015Kästner und der kleine DienstagTV Movie, ARD [de], Degeto [de], ORF [at], WDR [de]key grip
    2015Kleine große StimmeTV Movie, ARD [de], BR [de], Degeto [de], ORF [at]crane operator
    2015Schnell ermittelt - EinsamkeitTV-Movie (Series), ORF [at]key grip
    2015VorstadtweiberTV Series, ARD [de], ORF [at]key grip
    2014Vier Frauen und ein TodesfallTV Series, ORF [at]key grip
    2014Planet OttakringFeature Filmkey grip
    2014VorstadtweiberTV Series, ARD [de], ORF [at]key grip
    2014Das ewige LebenFeature Filmcrane operator
    1. Woche
    TV Movie, ORF [at]key grip1. Woche
    2013Schnell ermittelt - LebenTV-Movie (Series), ORF [at]crane operator
    2013Die DetektiveTV Series, ORF [at]key grip
    2013JanusTV Series, ORF [at]key grip
    2013PULS 4 - Austrias Next Topmodel (Season 6)Commercialkey grip