Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2018PretendersFeature FilmMaxwell [L]
    2018Future WorldFeature FilmWarlord [L]Raúl Richter
    2017The DeuceTV Series, HBO [us]Frankie / Vincent Martino [SS]Marcel Collé
    2017The Ballad of Buster ScruggsFeature FilmCowboy (seg: Near Algodones) [L]
    2017Zalando - Spring Season. The Man BoxCommercialMain Character [L]
    201611.22.63 - Der AnschlagLimited series, HuluJake Epping [SS]Kim Hasper
    2016Burn CountryFeature FilmLindsay [L]Ulrich Blöcher
    2016Alien: CovenantFeature FilmBranson [L]
    2015Actors AnonymousIndie Feature FilmJake Lamont [L]
    2014Queen of the DesertFeature FilmHenry Cadogan [L]
    2014The Interview (WT)Feature FilmDave Skylark [L]
    2013Every Thing Will Be FineFeature FilmTomas [L]Marcel Collé
    2013True StoryFeature FilmChristian Longo [L]Marcel Collé
    2013HomefrontFeature FilmMorgan 'Gator' Bodine [L]
    2012Oz the Great and PowerfulFeature FilmOz [L]
    2012Black Dog, Red DogIndie Feature FilmLeo [L]
    2010Caesar - Rise Of The Apes (WT)Feature FilmWill Rodman [L]
    2010Love & DistrustFeature FilmTravis [L]
    2009127 HoursFeature FilmAron Ralston [L]
    2009Eat Pray LoveFeature FilmDavid [L]