Projects saved at Crew United

    201984-06 (WT)Short Filmboom operator
    201984-06 (WT)Short Filmproducer
    2019L'Oréal - Barber Talks. Mario GötzeCommercial2nd assistant camera
    2019Turn of EventsShort Filmproducer
    2019Turn of EventsShort Film1st AD (local system)
    2019Turn of EventsShort Filmboom operator
    2019Next Champ - Boxing GearCommercial1st AD (local system)
    2019Klimaschutz e.V. - Energetische, prozessübergreifende OptimierungenEducational Film2nd assistant camera
    2019Hallhuber - Buy Less (Fashion Video)Commercialproducer
    2018Burning ParadiseTeaser (Film Concept)1st AD (local system)
    2018KarlstownTeaser (Film Concept)set manager/ floor manager
    2017Lanxess Deutschland GmbH - Energizing Chemistry. Quality WorksCorporate Film2nd AD
    2017Burning ParadiseTeaser (Film Concept)1st AD (local system)
    2016There Was To Be Peace (Webseries)Series Pilot3d modeler
    2016There Was To Be Peace (Webseries)Series Pilot1st AD (local system)
    2016Channa - RevolutionMusic Video1st AD (local system)
    2016Gordon Geco - In my Dreams (WT)Music Videodirector
    2015From the Life of a StuntmanShort Documentarylighting technician / electrician
    2015From the Life of a StuntmanShort Documentarycolorist
    2015From the Life of a StuntmanShort Documentaryproducer