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    Movies saved at Crew United

    2022DrumboatEducation/Training Production
    2021Die Stadt frisst ihre KinderIndependent Feature Film
    2020Dunking (WT)Education/Training Production
    2019FaridaEducation/Training Production
    2018Ich war's nichtShort Film
    2018Class of 2019Education/Training Production
    2018WaldstraßeEducation/Training Production
    2017Call of CutenessShort Film
    20174/4 NachtShort Film
    2017Ein Wesen (Webserie)Series
    2017Mystery of Faith (WT)Short Film
    2017Locky (Wettbewerbsbeitrag)Short Film
    2016Nachspiel (WT)Showreel Production
    2016SogShort Film
    2016Im Falschen (aka Kaputt) (NOT COMPLETED) (WT)Education/Training Production
    2016Mr. Green und sein BlinddateShort Film
    2016Hessen Trade und Invest GmBH - E wie Easy
    Filmklasse Pape
    CommercialFilmklasse Pape
    2016The Weapons of Criticism Cannot Replace the Criticism of WeaponsVideo Installation
    2016Fundamente und Säulen
    Filmklasse Pape
    Experimental FilmFilmklasse Pape
    2016Call Of Beauty
    Filmklasse Pape
    Short FilmFilmklasse Pape