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HDI Internationale Programme | © 2009-2020 PANDA PICTURES GmbH | Filmproduktion & Agentur. All Rights Reserved
© 2009-2020 PANDA PICTURES GmbH | Filmproduktion & Agentur. All Rights Reserved

Brief synopsis

You are a large company and operate worldwide? Then your employees must be on business trips all the time.
The protection and safety of your employees is certainly one of your greatest values. But it can often be confusing to manage insurance worldwide for a wide variety of situations. HDI Global SE makes it possible. HDI provides global and legally compliant insurance for your employees, allowing you to keep everything under control.
This image film for HDI Global SE was created based on stock footage. Here, too, we were able to find suitable scenes for the film's message. Especially in an example like this, which touches on a wide variety of scenarios in terms of content, the use of stock footage can be very helpful. In addition, the stock footage was supplemented with animations by our post-production team. In general, especially the international component could be visualized well by the animations.


DirectorDaniel Philipp
EditorJoshua Hemsuthipan
EditorFlorian Fellner
ProducerEllie Rohleder
Commissioning editorTanita Rosner
NewscasterEllie Rohleder
NewscasterPatrick Trageser

Production companies

Panda Pictures GmbH