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Alexander König
Scharnhorststrasse 6b10115  BerlinGermany
Phone+49 30 54812458

    About Fantomfilm GmbH

    Fantomfilm is a media creator who is specialized in doing scenic productions. We love independent and unusual movies.

    Fantomfilm prides itself in creating exceptional results. Our bright, creative and committed young team is passionate about telling stories that simultaneously raise your profile, share your ideas and promote your brand.

    Movies as production

    2022Consus Clinicmanagement - Dr. Stolberg in NötenCorporate FilmEva Habermann
    2021Sweet Disaster
    Feature FilmLaura LehmusCoproduction
    2020CystIndependent Feature FilmTyler Russell
    2019The Ugly TruthIndependent Feature FilmKrishna Bhati
    2019Under ConTrollIndependent Feature FilmEric Dean Hordes
    2018Fly Baden - Directly to the Black ForestCorporate FilmAlexander König
    2015Trolls World - Possessed by a MonsterIndependent Feature FilmEric Hordes

    Movies as distributor

    2019Under ConTrollIndependent Feature FilmEric Dean Hordes

    Film awards

    2022The Ugly TruthHarlem International Film Festival [us]Best World FilmWinner
    2022The Ugly TruthNova Filmfest [us]Best Feature FilmWinner
    2022The Ugly TruthScotland Int. Festival of Cinema [uk]Best International FeatureWinner
    2022The Ugly TruthOceanside International Film Festival [us]Best PictureWinner
    2022Consus Clinicmanagement - Dr. Stolberg in NötenWorld Media Festivals [de]Silver Award - Corporate CommunicationsWinner
    2021CystFantaspoa [br]Honorable Mention - Best Pus BathWinner

    Branch offices

    Company data

    free fieldAt Fantomfilm, we are dedicated to producing stunning and memorable media content. As specialists in scenic production, we are passionate about capturing the essence of independent and unique stories.

    Our team of talented and energetic professionals is committed to delivering exceptional results that will elevate your profile, communicate your vision, and reinforce your brand. With our creative passion and drive, we aim to create captivating and impactful storytelling that will leave a lasting impression.
    Date of company foundation2017
    Immediate working areaHead office: Berlin
    Branch offices: Berlin