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Exterritorial | ©Sasha Ostrov/Netflix
©Sasha Ostrov/Netflix
TV Movie | 2023-2024 | Netflix | Action, Thriller | Germany
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Brief synopsis

During a visit to the US consulate in Frankfurt, the young son of former Special Forces soldier Sara (Jeanne Goursaud) suddenly disappears without a trace. And that's not all: no one seems to remember him ever entering the building. Sara is asked to leave the consulate. But she knows that the German authorities have no access to the consulate. If she leaves now, she may never be allowed to enter the premises again. In her desperate search for her child, Sara disappears into the labyrinth of the consulate, unaware that the noose of a dangerous intrigue is tightening around her neck.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Jeanne GoursaudSara [L]
Dougray ScottEric Kynch [L]
Lera AbovaIrina / Kira [L]
Thomas PerkinsKonsulatangestellter [SR]
Emanuel FellmerAnton [SR]
Annabelle MandengDeborah Allen [SR]
Rada RaeAyleen Kynch [SR]
Kayode AkinyemiSergeant Donovan [SR]
Rickson Guy da SilvaJosh [SR]
Nina LiuJoanna [SR]
Susanne MichelAnja [SR]
Kris SaddlerJustin Martello [SR]
Anon MallSergeant Schlesinger [SR]
Samia HofmannSergeant Havlicek [SR]
Jeremy SchuetzeSergeant Howe [SR]
Michael RogersService Manager Check In [SR]
Godfrey EgbonEvan [SR]
Lara BabalolaService Manager Information desk [SR]
Samuel TehraniTaliban [SR]
Melissa HolroydClerk
Ivan ForlaniTechnician


1st ADSusanne Nowotny
Key 2nd ADStefanie Miftari
Crowd 2nd ADLisa Buchsteiner
Floor 2nd ADAlexandra Puia Frenschkowski
2nd 2nd AD
2nd 2nd AD
3rd ADIsabella Longhitano
3rd AD Floor
3rd AD Floor
3rd AD CrowdNicole Stigler
3rd AD CrowdJulia Benczak
Director of photographyMatthias Pötsch
Camera operatorLukas Allmaier
B-Cam & 2nd Unit DoP
B-Cam & 2nd Unit DoP
1st assistant cameraPhilipp Glockner
1st assistant cameraMelanie Schneider [2]
2nd assistant cameraSarah May Handler
2nd assistant cameraAndreas Reischütz
Addition 1 DT
Addition 1 DT
DIT digital imaging technicianChristian Saure
2x ARRI Alexa Mini LF, 1x RED Komodo (Workflow Consulting, Pregrade, Onset Dailies, QC, LTO)
2x ARRI Alexa Mini LF, 1x RED Komodo (Workflow Consulting, Pregrade, Onset Dailies, QC, LTO)
Qtake operatorPepe Cikan
Casting directorCornelia von Braun
Casting directorLiza Stutzky
female leads
female leads
Casting associateAndrea Rodríguez
Costume designerAnna Zeitlhuber
Costumer / wardrobeInes Koller
Additional costumersKerstin Maria Gatterbauer
DirectorChristian Zübert
Script continuityRenate Neugebauer
Lighting technician / electricianFlorian Eidenhammer
ProducerKerstin Schmidbauer
Executive producerOliver Berben
ProducerVerena Vogl
ProducerFranziska Suppee
ProducerGötz Marx
Production designerHeike Lange
Assistant production designerGini Ganserich
Art directorKlaudia Kiczak
Assistant art directorMattea Jäger
Set decoratorMarei Hitzler
Set decoration buyerLilly-Farina Krauße
Concept artistLeif Heanzo
Prop masterJohannes Wild
Prop Master
Prop Master
Assistant to propmaster /- buyerBernhard Klinger
Standby propsTobias Gollner
Standby propsMartin Czerniak
Set dresserStephan Trimmel
Set dresserLaura Zimmek
Set dresserGabriel Scheib
Set dresserAaron Crookes
Set dresserHans Wagner
Assistant stand by propsAnna Purkert
Location scoutMartin Fabini
Graphic artistMichael Nolan
Graphic artistBarbara Dezasse
Line producerAlfred Strobl
Line producerSylvia Binder
Assistant to line producerCaroline Meyer
Unit manager (local system)Clara König
Transportation captainVictoria Herbig
Set manager/ floor managerLorenzo Wunderl
Assistant set/floor managerVictoria Herbig
Assistant Set Manager
Assistant Set Manager
Production driverChristoph Pirek
Set runnerMoritz Schmatz
ScreenwriterChristian Zübert
Archive researchTatjana Bonnet
Production sound mixerHerbert Verdino
Boom operatorAlbert Car
Second boom operatorChuqi Lu
Stuntman/womanIvan Forlani
Stunt Performer
Stunt Performer
Stuntman/womanSimon Grzesczak
Child supervisorElias Weithaler
Clearing rightsTatjana Bonnet
Intimacy coordinatorKatharina Haudum


Production ConsultingFakner Film Service
Beratung, Kostüm, Ausstattung
Beratung, Kostüm, Ausstattung
CostumesLambert Hofer 1862 GmbH
Decorationaufgemoebelt KG
PropsHerz Medical GmbH
Med. Ausstattung, Med. Requisiten
Med. Ausstattung, Med. Requisiten