Eva non piace | © Martina Dimitrova
© Martina Dimitrova

Eva non piace

  • Eva non piace! (Working title)
Short Film | 2015-2017 | Germany

Shooting data

Number of shooting days5
LocationsStudio Filmuniversitaet Babelsberg

Brief synopsis

EVA NON PIACE is a fairytale set in a fictional city landscape paying tribute to the design
and aesthetics of the 80s, camp-culture and also to a variety of creative movements, such as ArtDeco and MemphisMilano. EVA embodies a declaration for love and diversity, a call for vitality trying to crush all functionalist doctrines whilst getting her hair done...


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Johannes BrüssauEva [L]
Robin JentysEdo [SR]
Nicole RatjenMaler [SR]
Johanna PolleyCate


director of photographyJohannes Greisle
1st assistant cameraClemens Kirchner
1st assistant cameraJan Ernsting
2nd assistant cameraFabio Seyding
costume designerRan Chai Bar-zvi
costume designerBelle Santos
directorMartina Dimitrova
1st assistant directorPhilipp Eichhorn
editorJulian Wiesemes
key/dolly gripKarem Fassel
key/dolly gripDaniel Schneider
gafferSerafim Gusev
makeup artist / hair stylistZoe Kroell
makeup artist / hair stylistDenise Schrader [1]
makeup artist / hair stylistRaphael Guillou
freelance producerPhilipp Eichhorn
production designerMartina Dimitrova
assistant production designerMick Klöcker
assistant production designerFion-Jasper Hoppmann
art department traineeJosina von Minckwitz
art department traineeJosephin-Mercedes Groth
line producerAnya Grünewald
screenwriterMartina Dimitrova