Short Film | 2011 | Germany

Shooting data

Number of shooting days10

Project data

Aspect ratioWidescreen UNIVISIUM (35mm, 1 : 2)

Brief synopsis

Mr Friedrich, an arrogant but capable lawyer, wakes from a strange dream. He is on his way to the "deal of his life" with a shady company and stakes everything on one card, his competence in financial business. With this deal he wants to free himself and his brother who works as a henchmen for the same company. The world around Mr Friedrich seems incomplete and absurd. 'Recipe for Success' plays with the true reality.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Mimi Beaufort-SpontinFrau Jäger [L]
Sebastian FreigangHerr Friedrich [L]
Jan LemkeHenning (Geschäftswelt) [L]
Mirko ZschockeHerr Hagemeyer [L]
Java GuidiFrau Weiler [SR]
Louise NowitzkiBörsenreporterin [SR]
Samantha RichterTatort Reporterin [SR]
Nils SchulzHenning (Nervenklinik) [SR]
Roberto ThoeneltPolizist [SR]


Compositing supervisorTobias Arndt
ColoristChristian Dietrich
Rotoscoping artistTobias Arndt
Rotoscoping artistClemens Sonntag
Director of photographyChristian DietrichDoP / Editor / Red Epic M 5K
Steadicam operatorThomas BuchholzSecond Unit
Steadicam operatorStefan Sosna
1st assistant cameraAnton Yaremchuk
Steadicam focus pullerKevin Rumley
2nd assistant cameraKathrin Keusch
Still photographerMasumi Shishido
Costume designerAntje Wuschech
Costume designerChristine Büschel
ConsultancySabine Pfisterer1 Tag
DirectorChristian Dietrich
DirectorTobias Arndt
1st AD (local system)Matthew Brown
1st AD (local system)Emanuel Malzew
ScriptFranka Braun
ScriptRu Kyung-rok Chunk
Storyboard artistSusanne Geiselbrechtinger
EditorChristian Dietrich
Key/dolly gripClemens Sommer
Grip assistantClemens Sonntag
GafferPeter Hofknecht
Lighting technician / electricianChristian Slezak
Lighting technician / electricianAnton Bauer
Lighting technician / electricianRainer Wessels
Additional electricianMalte Krämer
Additional electricianHanno Bösch
Makeup artist / hair stylistAnne Wenzel
Makeup artist / hair stylistClaus Grüßner
Fx makeup artistDaniela C. Bähr
Fx makeup artistClaus Grüßner
ProducerChristian Dietrich
Production designerMichael Freudenberg
Production supervisorTobias Arndt
Assistant production managerCaro Kadatz
Production driverAlexander Iffländer
ScreenwriterChristian Dietrich
ScreenwriterTobias Arndt
Production sound mixerMatthias Kreitschmann
Boom operatorCaro Kadatz


Cameras and Utilitiescine 7
Lighting and UtilitiesCine-Mobil GmbH