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Serientitel | ©Saxonia Entertainment / significant.pictures
©Saxonia Entertainment / significant.pictures
Documentary Series | Episodes 1-5 | 2021-2022 | MDR [de] | History, Psychodrama, Society | Germany

Shooting data

Number of shooting days3
LocationsLeipzig, Pirna
Filming regionsGermany - Saxony

Project data

Length of episode30 Min
Episodes from/to1-5
Acquisition formatBlackmagic RAW (BRAW) 6K
Distribution formatBlackmagic RAW (BRAW) 6K

Brief synopsis

E G O S T O R Y is a new form of history documentation. With a psychological questioning, it offers a close identification with a well-known with a well-known historical figure. The classical question: "Why something happened?" a new dimension of answers is added: Not historical sources alone are the answer - E G O S T O R Y looks for the answer directly in the acting persons. Inside them - in their heads! At patterns of human behavior such as betrayal, denial, narcissism, fear or love or love, the films narrate the actions of historical characters on the basis of key moments of their lives; hypotheses are made and these hypotheses are then hypotheses are made, and these hypotheses are then confirmed or disproved on the basis of historical facts and events. Elaborate reenactment scenes, gripping archive material, atmospheric images and high-quality staged interviews with "permanent" historians for all topics from the Middle Ages to the from the Middle Ages to the 20th century form a highly recognizable set. Name of the docu-series.

As a hybrid of "Ego" and "History," E G O S T O R Y shows a new dimension of of historical observation: E G O S T O R Y is "history in the head," bringing historical historical narrative with emotional sensation. E G O S T O R Y is an offer to immerse oneself in the psyche of a historical character - and in this way and thus combines narrative patterns of historical documentation with crime elements.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Richard HemmerHost
Daniel MeßnerHost
SpeakerConny Wolter


ColoristKay Dombrowsky
Director of photographyMarc Thomas
Director of photographyMichael Plundrich
1st assistant cameraJonathan Eichin
1st assistant cameraPaul Bergmann
Data wrangler / digital loaderBenedikt Lehmann
DirectorSaskia Weisheit
DirectorMarc Thomas
EditorHenrik Fehse
EditorPaloma Llambias
EditorMarc Thomas
ComposerOlaf Parusel
ComposerPhilipp Edward Kümpel
ComposerKai Saffran
ComposerAndreas Moisa
ProducerSascha Beier
ProducerKatrin Thomas
Production designerStefanie Probst
szenischer Teil Lotte Ulbricht ,Leni Riefenstahl
szenischer Teil Lotte Ulbricht ,Leni Riefenstahl
Standby propsInes Wüllner
Production manager (broadcaster)Evelyn Wenzel
Unit manager (local system)Torsten Kramer
Unit manager (local system)Birk Söllner
Head writerKatrin Thomas
ScreenwriterSaskia Weisheit
ScreenwriterFridolin Menzel
ScreenwriterRafael Bies
ScreenwriterElias von Salomon
ResearcherGregor Müller [2]
Production sound mixerJörg Weimann
Commissioning editor in chargeAnaïs Roth
Commissioning editorAlexander Roth
Clearing rightsKarsten Schünemann
ConsultantDr. Csilla Jeszenszky


TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
First showingGermanyMDR [de]Saturday, 29/10/2022