Dust of Modern Life

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    Documentary | 2017-2021 | Ethnology, Nature-Environment, Society | France, Germany

    Project data

    Film financing
    Length of movie75 min
    Sound formatDolby SRD / Dolby digital (5.1, 6 channels)

      Brief synopsis

      Once a year, Liem, a young man from an ethnic minority in Vietnam, leaves his ordinary life behind and retreats to the jungle with his friends. During his 'time out', he tries to maintain an ancient tradition that is threatening to disappear, as is the forest it takes place in.


      Director of photographyLucie Baudinaud
      DirectorFranziska von Stenglin
      EditorMarylou Vergez
      EditorZuniel Kim
      ProducerLucas Tothe
      ProducerSylvain Lagrillère
      ScreenwriterFranziska von Stenglin
      Sound re-recording mixerChristian Wittmoser
      Sound designerChristian Wittmoser

      Production companies

      Punchline Cinéma [fr]


      Film StockKodak GmbH [de]16mm