Drops of God

  • Les Gouttes de Dieu / Kami no Shizuku / Drops of God (Working title)
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TV Series | Episodes 1-8 | 2021-2023 | Apple TV+, France 2 [fr], Hulu | Drama, Film based on literary source | France, Japan, USA

Shooting data

Start of shooting16/08/2021
End of shooting25/03/2022
LocationsOrange et alentours, Paris, Japon, Italie
Filming regionsFrance - Paris Île-de-France, France - Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Italy, Japan

Project data

Film financing
Length of episode52min
Episodes from/to1-8

Brief synopsis

“Drops of God” is set in the world of gastronomy and fine wines. Frenchman Alexandre Léger, creator of the famous Léger Wine Guide and emblematic figure in oenology, has just passed away at his home in Tokyo at the age of 60. He leaves behind a daughter, Camille (Fleur Geffrier), who lives in Paris and hasn’t seen her father since her parents separated when she was nine years old. When Camille flies to Tokyo and Léger’s will is read, she discovers that her father has left her an extraordinary wine collection — the greatest collection in the world according to the experts. But, to claim the inheritance, Camille must compete with a brilliant young oenologist, Issei Tomine (Tomohisa Yamashita). Biological daughter versus spiritual son: the duel is about to begin. There are three tests to break the tie, all related to wine tasting. The winner will take ownership of Léger's empire, the loser will leave empty handed. But how could Camille win such a duel? She knows nothing about wine, and worse: she has never drunk a single drop.

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ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Fleur GeffrierCamille [SS]
Tomohisa YamashitaTomine Issei [SS]
Tom WozniczkaThomas Chassangre [SS]
Stanley WeberAlexandre Léger [SS]
Manon MaindivideCamille (child) [L]
Luca TerraccianoLorenzo [SSR]
Diego RibonLuca Inglese [SSR]
Azusa OkamotoKatase Yurika [SSR]
Gustave KervernPhilippe Chassangre [SSR]
Cécile BoisMarianne [SSR]
Makiko WatanabeTomine Honoka [SSR]
Satoshi NikaidoTomine Hirokazu [SSR]
Antoine Chappeyn.a. [SSR]
Sophie MouselJuliette [SSR]
Julien Personnazn.a. [SSR]


1st ADClément Inglesiakis
2nd ADOrnella Alagna
2nd ADMaïna Pouhaër
3rd ADCamille Gourvest
Director of photographyCyrille Liberman
Director of photographyRotem Yaron
Casting directorAgathe Hassenforder
Extras/bit player castingEmilie Chaumat
Costume designerMarielle Robaut
DirectorOded Ruskin
Key gripLaurent Guibert
GafferMathieu Brémond
ProducerKlaus Zimmermann
Production designerPierre du Boisberranger
Location scoutArnaud Mathey Dreyfus
recherche bureau avocat avec boiseries années 50 environnement raffiné avec baies vitrées hall d'accueil d'un siège social international entre autres
recherche bureau avocat avec boiseries années 50 environnement raffiné avec baies vitrées hall d'accueil d'un siège social international entre autres
Production managerFrancis Barrois
Unit managerBenjamin Granier
Travel coordinatorDelphine Robin
coordination of accommodation/travel
coordination of accommodation/travel
Assistant location managerCamille Boishardy
Assistant location managerCédric Bourdoncle
CreatorQuoc Dang Tran
ScreenwriterQuoc Dang Tran
ScreenwriterAlice Vial
ScreenwriterClémence Madeleine Perdrillat
Literary sourceTadashi Agi
Literary sourceShu Okimoto

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Legendary Television [us]


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2023FranceSeries Mania
International Competition
International Competition


TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
First showingUSAApple TV+Friday, 21/04/2023


PremiereSunday, 19/03/2023Series Mania [fr]