Projects saved at Crew United

    2016Benni (WT)Short Filmlocation scout
    2016Dit is Fußball!TV Seriesproduction designer
    2013Fashion Days - Every day Is A Fashion DayCommercialassistant to stylist
    2010Shore Of HopeFeature Filmart department assistant
    2010Heimat, Sex und andere UnzulänglichkeitenFeature Filmproduction designer
    2009Ein Haus voller TöchterTV Series, [Das Vierte]production designerStudiobauten(Flg 1-35) ab Feb.2009
    2008Knorr - TastingCommercialproduction designer
    2005Lange Flate BallærFeature Filmset decorator
    2005Dove Amicelli® - Männer alleine (Werbetrenner)Commercialproduction designer
    2005The Robocop Kraus - You Don't Have To ShoutMusic Videoproduction designer
    2005The Amazing RaceTV-Show, CBS [us]set decoratorFolge in Berlin
    2005T.Raumschmiere feat. Sandra Nasic - A Very Loud LullabyMusic Videoproduction designer
    2004Boomtown BerlinTV Seriesproduction designerDicker als Wasser
    2004Idole - Romy SchneiderDocumentary (Series), ZDF [de]production designer
    2003Boomtown BerlinTV Seriesproduction designerDer Blindgänger
    2003CMA - Die Milch macht's 2003Commercialproduction designer
    2003I Love You, I Kill You (WT)Short Filmproduction designerGartenbau
    2003Fremder FreundFeature Filmproduction designer
    2002Canon Deutschland GmbH - Photokina 2002 (Messefilm)Corporate Filmset decorator
    2002SundaysShort Filmproduction designer