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Documentary | 2019-2020 | Docu | Germany

Main data

Project data

Length of movie62 Min.

Brief synopsis

What does it mean to risk one's own life and the lives of others for freedom and to leave everything else behind? The 62-minute animated documentary tells the story of Hans-Peter Spitzner, officially the last Wall refugee from Checkpoint Charlie, and his family. It is symbolic of one of many fates that can still be found everywhere today.


Concept artist (vfx)Peggy Spitzner
Compositing supervisorsJan Mildner
Director of photographyThomas Beckmann
DirectorNancy Brandt
Co-directorThomas Beckmann
EditorNancy Brandt
ComposerMichael Edwards
Sound re-recording mixerHans-Jakob Völkel
Sound designerHans-Jakob Völkel

Production companies

Nancy Brandt Film [de]


2021GermanyFilmnächte Chemnitz