CRONOFOBIA | © Imagofilm SA
CRONOFOBIA | © Imagofilm SA
Feature Film | 2017-2018 | Thriller | Switzerland

Brief synopsis

A mysterious lonely guy, constantly in motion, escaping his true self. A young rebel woman, struggling with a complicated form of grief. Two different kinds of self-imposed isolation, confronting each other in a psychological drama about suspended identity. (


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Vinicio MarchioniMichael Suter [L]
Sabine TimoteoAnna [L]
Leonardo NigroChristoph [L]
Joachim AeschlimannDirettore negozio [SR]
Andrea BruschiMarco [SR]
Monica BuddeMutter [SR]
Jean-Pierre GosVater [SR]
Jun IchikawaClara [SR]
Adele RaesVerkäuferin [SR]
Alberto RuanoManuel Martini [SR]
Jasmin MatteiKatia [BP]
Giorgia SalariManager [BP]


Director of photographySimon Guy Fässler
1st assistant cameraMicky Schärer
2nd assistant cameraLinus Rieser
DIT digital imaging technicianTyzian MasikQC / RUSHES / AVID
Casting directorRoberta Corrirossi
Costume designerLaura Pennisi
Costume designerMartine Felber
DirectorFrancesco Rizzi
EditorGiuseppe Trepiccione
Key/dolly gripTom MaussErsatz
Key/dolly gripMalte KneibKey Grip
ComposerZeno Gabaglio
Standby propsDario Pina
Unit production managerSara Bühring
ScreenwriterFrancesco Rizzi
ScreenwriterDaniela Gambaro


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Francesco Rizzi2018Zurich Film Festival [ch]Wettbewerb FokusNominated
Francesco Rizzi2018PÖFF, Black Nights Film Festival [ee]First Feature Competition - Special Jury PriceaNominated
Daniela Gambaro2019Max Ophüls Preis [de]Fritz-Raff-DrehbuchpreisWinner
Francesco Rizzi2019Max Ophüls Preis [de]SpielfilmNominated
Francesco Rizzi2019Max Ophüls Preis [de]Beste RegieWinner


2019GermanyInt. Fünf Seen FilmfestivalReihe: Fokus Drehbuch
2019SwitzerlandLocarno Film FestivalPanorama Suisse
2019GermanyFilmfestival Max Ophüls
2018EstoniaPÖFF, Black Nights Film Festival
2018SwitzerlandZurich Film FestivalFokus


Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 20/02/2020