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Conscience | © World Color Studio
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  • Conscious (aka The Conscious) (Working title)
Short Film | 2023 | Drama | Germany, Switzerland
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Shooting data

Start of shooting06/05/2023
End of shooting08/05/2023
Filming regionsGermany - Berlin

Project data

Length of movie22min

Brief synopsis

München, 1991. Two brothers meet in the apartment of their father, who just passed away.
It is the first time they openly discuss their father's troubling past as an SS dentist.
They discover that the father showed no remorse for Nazi crimes.
The brothers clash due to conflicting opinions about this.
The older brother, Heinz, tries to understand the father and takes a non-judgmental stand.
While Alex sees the father as an absolute criminal.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
David BennentAlex [L]
Andreas von StudnitzHeinz [L]


Director of photographyAlexander Grigoras
1st assistant cameraAlexandros Liossatos
Data wrangler / digital loaderJon-Carlos Evans
Costume designerJennifer Kasdorf
DirectorMariya Lukavskaya
1st AD (local system)Angelina Kolodzig
Script continuityIpek Sertöz
GafferLorenz Reimann
GafferLeo Bonmati
GafferImanol Keegan
ProducerNici Brückner
Associate producerJon-Carlos Evans
Assistant to producerDamia Capella
Art directorDiana Aldana Paez
Art department assistantAlexandra Concordia
Art department traineeAminata Schmidt
Production sound mixerMax Bertani