Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2020The Last DuelFeature FilmKing Charles VI [L]
    2018Triple FrontierTV Movie, NetflixTom 'Redfly' Davis [L]
    2016Justice LeagueFeature FilmBruce Wayne / Batman [L]
    2016Live by NightFeature FilmJoe Coughlin [L]
    2015Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
    Peter Flechtner
    Feature FilmBruce Wayne / Batman [L]Peter Flechtner
    2011ArgoFeature FilmTony Mendez [L]
    2009State of PlayFeature FilmRep. Stephen Collins [L]
    2009He's Just Not That Into YouFeature FilmNeil [L]
    2008To the WonderFeature FilmNeil [L]
    2002The Sum of All Fears
    Peter Flechtner
    Feature FilmJack Ryan [L]Peter Flechtner
    Johannes Berenz
    Feature FilmSheriff Bryce Hammond [L]Johannes Berenz
    1998ArmageddonFeature FilmA.J. Frost [L]
    1998Shakespeare in LoveFeature FilmNed Alleyn [SR]