Short Film | 2018-2021 | Black Comedy | Germany

Shooting data

Start of shooting13/10/2018
End of shooting17/12/2018
Number of shooting days18
LocationsDortmund, Köln
Filming regionsGermany - North Rhine-Westphalia

Project data

Length of movie20:44
Aspect ratioCinemascope (1 : 2,39)
Acquisition formatDCP
Distribution formatUncompressed 4 : 4 : 4
Sound formatStereo

Brief synopsis

Mr. Schön, principal of the Three Oaks Special School, has ordered the transfer to the local comprehensive school for eighth-grader Justin. Not because Justin's performance has improved, but to get rid of him as quickly as possible. Justin feels shunted off to the unloved comprehensive school and, with the help of his classmates Hendrik, Noah, Pascal and Leila, tries to prevent him from being sent back to school. The disperate group is united by the fact that they all have a difficult relationship with their principal and finally want to get one over on him. Their plan is to kidnap the principal's prize-winning male Havanese and trade him for Justin's freedom. Each student brings a special skill to the decisive coup, based on their respective special needs. It quickly becomes clear that the students imagined blackmailing the principal a little too easily: Will their plan work out?


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Jonathan VratzJustin [L]
Karl BruchhäuserDoctor [SR]
Björn JungHerr Schön [SR]
Faris A.Noah [SR]
Daniela Meller-GerstnerFrau Krause [SR]
Janina SachauFrau Junius [SR]
Julia HildebrandtLeila [SR]
Levi PfotenhauerPascal [SR]
Moritz W.Henrik [SR]
Sabina KukukHausmeisterin [BP]


Vfx supervisorDavid Seul
Vfx consultantLennart Oberscheidt
ColoristDavid Seul
Director of photographyDavid Seul
Additional photographySimon Federlein
Drone camera operatorLennart Hüper
1st assistant cameraRoman Haenicke
1st assistant cameraRobert Marx
1st assistant cameraTim Kaszik
1st assistant cameraPascal Pudlo
1st assistant cameraFrederik Jäger
4 DTe - Sony Venice, Red Helium
4 DTe - Sony Venice, Red Helium
1st assistant cameraCédric Ernoult
2nd assistant cameraLisa Gras
2nd assistant cameraErik Leibfritz
1 DT
1 DT
DIT digital imaging technicianJulius Wieler
Still photographerJustin Babilon
Still photographerJohannes Tschepe
Still photographerAbbyll Selda Koe
Costume designerLaura Hesse [1]
Assistant costume designerDeborah Müller
Assistant costume designerAngelina Bernhardt
DirectorChristoph Krüger
1st AD (local system)Beatrice Aliné
1st AD (local system)Julia Loosen
Script continuityNicole Wilke
Script continuityUrsula Ostermann
EditorJana Stallein
Key gripMartin Kuczera
GafferJonas Schmieta
Best boyNicolas Plancq
Lighting technician / electricianJustin Babilon
Lighting technician / electricianFabian Bohn
Lighting technician / electricianJan Voges
Lighting technician / electricianMichael Stutz
Lighting technician / electricianThilo Erward
Lighting technician / electricianHennink Schulte
Lighting technician / electricianHans Lietz
Lighting technician / electricianFelix Geiger
Lighting technician / electricianElsa Labusga
Lighting assistantThilo Erward
Makeup artist / hair stylistKatja Ametsin
Makeup artist / hair stylistSarah Scholze
Additional make up artistLeonie Müller
ProducerLotte Ruf
Assistant to producerFelix Georg
Production designerAlina Saltheim
Assistant production designerNatalja Hipke
Assistant production designerIna Augustin
Assistant production designerMax Scheding
Prop designerFränzi Heinrich
Set builder assistantLaura Tilstra
Production managerLotte Ruf
Assistant production managerCarina Witte
Assistant production managerLisa Gras
Assistant production managerRobert Marx
Set manager/ floor managerJohannes Wünsch
Set manager/ floor managerJana Stallein
Production assistantTobias Wolf [2]
ScreenwriterChristoph Krüger
Production sound mixerJoel Brüning
Boom operatorJohann Ott
Boom operatorLukas Rabl
Boom operatorKlaus Willig
Boom operatorMike Krybus
Boom operatorArno Augustin
Boom operatorHendrik Henkemeier
Boom operatorAlex Kusikow
Boom operatorFabian Livrée
Boom operatorKonrad Woznitzka
Sound designerJoel Brüning
Child supervisorAnnika Müller [1]

Production companies

FH Fachhochschule Dortmund [de]