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Beauty and Decay

  • Schönheit der Vergänglichkeit - Marquardt (Working title)
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Documentary Feature | 2017-2019 | Art | Germany

Brief synopsis

In Berlin, Sven Marquardt is legendary for working as the stone-faced gatekeeper of ultra-exclusive techno club Berghain, but there’s more to the famous bouncer than meets the eye: he also wrote a bestselling autobiography and is an accomplished photographer. Now, as Germany celebrates the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Marquardt revisits his days as a young East German punk. This glimpse of his early career also sees him reunite with his former muse, Dominique Hollenstein, to shoot a new series of portraits, and looks in on the life of his friend Robert Paris, a photographer who moved away from his art and now spends most of the year as a happy family man in India. Moving between observational scenes of Marquardt at work and highlights of his gorgeous black-and-white portrait photography, Beauty and Decay is a fascinating look at three close friends, still giving society the middle finger and ignoring preconceived notions of what it means to age. Aisha Jamal, Toronto

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ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Dominique HollensteinDome
Sven Marquardter selbst
Robert ParisRobert Paris


Director of photographyMartin Farkas
Additional photographyJohann Feindt
Additional photographyHolly Tischman
Additional photographyThomas Plenert
Additional photographyHeike Hetmanczyk
DirectorAnnekatrin Hendel
1st AD (local system)Lisa Elstermann
EditorGudrun Steinbrück
ComposerRobert Lippok
ProducerHolly Tischman
ProducerAnnekatrin Hendel
Line producerHeike Günther
Post production supervisorRenè Hendel
Production coordinatorLisa Elstermann
Production coordinatorHeike Hetmanczyk
Assistant production managerHeike Hetmanczyk
ScreenwriterAnnekatrin Hendel
Audio describerJörg TheilTonaufnahme + Mischung
Production sound mixerMoritz Springer
Production sound mixerNic Nagel
Sound designerTobias Adam
Sound designerMichael Kaczmarek
Foley artistMaximilian Pongratz
Commissioning editorJens Stubenrauch

Production companies

It Works! Medien GmbH [de]
RBB - Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg [de]Koproduktion

Distributing companies

RealFiction Filmverleih [de]Verleih Deutschland


Cameras and UtilitiesUfo Filmgerät GmbH
Sound (Postproduction)Celluloidtracks GmbH


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Annekatrin Hendel2019Heiner-Carow-PreisBerlinale PanoramaWinner


2019CanadaHot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival
2019GermanyFilmkunstfest MVDokumentarfilm Wettbewerb
2019GermanyFilmfest Schleswig Holstein
2019SpainFestival of German Films Madrid
2019MexicoFestival of German Fulms Mexico
2019SerbiaFree Zone Belgrade
2019FinlandHelsinki International Film FestivalWettbewerb
2019Czech RepublicFestival of German Films Prag
2019GermanyBiberacher FilmfestDokumentarfilmwettbewerb
2019GermanyBerlinale PanoramaWeltpremiere


Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 05/12/2019
PremiereWednesday, 13/02/2019Berlinale