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Bayerisches Staatsministerium Titelbild | © 2009-2020 PANDA PICTURES GmbH | Filmproduktion & Agentur. All Rights Reserved
© 2009-2020 PANDA PICTURES GmbH | Filmproduktion & Agentur. All Rights Reserved

Bayerisches Sozialministerium - Testnachweispflicht für Kinder

  • Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Familie, Arbeit und Soziales - Testnachweispflicht für Kinder (Working title)
Tutorial | 2021-2022 | Germany

Main data

Project data

Length of movie1min 54s


Brief synopsis

For the Bavarian State Ministry for Family, Labor and Social Affairs, we were allowed to produce several explanatory films, especially in recent months. Especially in a time in which many things change quickly, one often loses the overview. The explanatory films that we produced for the Bavarian State Ministry are intended to help people understand what measures are necessary to be able to continue attending daycare centers. It was important to communicate the information briefly and concisely, but also understandably, so that what is said is clear from watching the video once.
What is said is supported in the video by typo animations. The minimal animations make the message more approachable while not distracting from listening. Also, the simple and uniform colors reinforce the focus on the message of the video while still not making the video boring. Moreover, the colors and animations underline and highlight the most important message.


Motion graphics designerAlica Bacher
Compositing supervisorAlica Bacher
DirectorDaniel Philipp
EditorChristina Roberts
ProducerVerena Zuchna
ProducerIsabelle Orner
Graphic artistAlica Bacher
Graphic artistTanita Rosner

Production companies

Panda Pictures GmbH