Camera Departmentdirector of photographyLex Brand
    Camera Departmentdirector of photographySönke Hansen
    Camera Departmentdirector of photographyAskild vik Edvardsen
    Camera Department2nd unit dopSandra Schaede
    Camera Departmenthighspeed operatorFrank Pelak
    Camera Department1st assistant camera Rupert Scheele2nd unit Kameramann
    Camera Department1st assistant camera Florian DittelS-8, N-16, S-16
    Camera Department2nd assistant camera Susanne VosteenSR III / Bolex / Super 8
    Director's DepartmentdirectorBirgit Herdlitschke
    Director's DepartmentdirectorJohan Kramer

    Production companies

     Trigger Happy Productions GmbH