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    Movies saved at Crew United

    2023The Pirate BayLimited series, SVT Sveriges Television [se]
    2022Detective No. 24TV Series, SVT Sveriges Television [se], ZDF [de]
    2021Plantopia - Be a BlendCommercial
    2021KnutbyTV Series, C More
    2021Agatha Christie's HjersonTV Series, C More, TV4 [se]
    2020I Am ZlatanFeature Film
    2020Zalando - Pre-OwnedCommercial
    2020H&M - ParenthoodCommercial
    2019Kung Fury 2 (NOT RELEASED) (WT)Feature Film
    2018Kari Traa - Dancing Through The CollectionCommercial
    2018DNB-Bank - RingvirkningerCommercial
    2018I Am GretaDocumentary Feature
    2018MidsommarFeature Film
    2018The SpyFeature Film
    2017Bang & Olufsen - Beoplay P2Commercial
    2016EuphoriaFeature Film
    2015Restylane - Proof IRL (Sharon Stone)Commercial
    2015Gentlemen & GangstersLimited series, SVT Sveriges Television [se], YLE TV [fi]
    2014Ford Mustang - The Arrival (WT)Commercial
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