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About Arseny Bogunov

I'm a director of photography. I entered the business
seven years ago when I began working on large-scale
video productions.

I shoot feature films, documentary, music video, and
commercial. I appreciate using authentic cinematic
imagery to communicate a tale.

My goal is to shoot narratives that develop people and
give them useful experiences.

My proficiency with light and framing enables me to
produce a distinctive mood at the festival I put on as a

Movies in other capacities

2021Sabaton feat. Tina Guo - Steel CommandersMusic VideoJulien VanhoenackerCubastudio Production [by]camera operator

Basic data

Experience abroadCentral Europe: Lithuania, Poland
Eastern Europe: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine
West Asia: Georgia, United Arab Emirates
Western Europe: United Kingdom
Special skillsI've experience with producing, editing, color grading, sound design, voice acting.
I like to make atmosphere with light, music and art.
Immediate working areaKyiv
2nd residence (if applicable)Berlin
1st residence (federal state or country)Ukraine
Accommodation possibilitiesBarcelona, Berlin, London, Munich, Riga, Tbilissi, Vilnius, Warsaw