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    Movies saved at Crew United

    2023BYD - The new BYD-DolphinCommercialproducer
    2022Ferrero - Kinder BuenoCommercialproducer
    2018Volkswagen AG - The all-new T-Cross. More than one thingCommercialexecutive producer
    2018TÜV Rheinland - GPMSCommercialexecutive producer
    2017Volkswagen AG - Der neue PoloCommercialproducer
    2017Volkswagen AG - DC - ShanghaiCommercialproducer
    2017Volkswagen AG - ID CrozzCommercialproducer
    2016Volkswagen AG - Drivers of Change. AmericaCommercialexecutive producer
    2016Volkswagen AG - Der I.D. BuzzCommercialexecutive producer
    2016Volkswagen - Der neue GolfCommercialexecutive producer
    2016Volkswagen - Drivers of ChangeCommercialexecutive producer
    2016Volkswagen AG - Der neue up!Commercialproducer
    2016Vodafone - CallYa Highspeed SpecialCommercialproduction manager
    2015Kasalla feat. Carolin Kebekus - Kasalla-PirateMusic Videoproduction manager
    2015Borussia Dortmund (BVB) - Jingle ballsCommercialproduction manager
    2015Volkswagen AG - Der neue Tiguan. Aufregend innovativ!Commercialproducer
    2015Volkswagen AG - Touran. FahrvorstellungCommercialunit manager (local system)
    2014Disney - Winnie The Puh. BabyCommercial, Disney Channelset manager/ floor manager
    2014Alfa Romeo - Giulietta vs. SoccerCommercialunit manager (local system)
    2013Sat.1 ran Boxen - Felix Sturm. Back to the TopCommercialunit manager (local system)