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Agentur Heppeler: Talent Agency
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Sabrina Boeck
Steinstraße 5481667  MünchenGermany
Phone+49 89 4488484
Fax+49 89 4470995

    About Agentur Heppeler

    The Heppeler Agency was founded in April 1994 by Dr. Marlis Heppeler. Initially, she placed actors in film, television and theater. Since 1995 AGENTUR HEPPELER also represents directors and screenwriters and in the following years the representation of further creative people from the field of camera was added.
    On 01.03.2022 Sabrina Boeck took over the agency HEPPELER and with it all managing activities. Dr. Marlis Heppeler-Fuchs will be available to the agency as a strategic consultant in the coming years. The name AGENTUR HEPPELER as well as the proven team around Franziska Brosien, Ina Furth and Miriam Drippe will continue to exist.


    Company data

    Date of company foundation1994
    Permanent employees5
    Immediate working areaHead office: Munich