A Man and His Dog

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    Feature Film | 2008 | France

    Project data

    Length of movie94 min
    Aspect ratioWidescreen USA (1 : 1,85)
    Sound formatdts (5.1, 6 channels)

    Brief synopsis

    Jeanne, an attractive widow, tells Charles that she is getting married again and kicks him, along with his dog, out of her place. She has been his mistress since her husband’s death; the two men had been best friends during their service in the navy. Leïla, a young woman employed by Jeanne to help around the house, is pregnant, although she’s not sure who the father is, can only offer him her affection and her radiant smile. Charles would give her much more in return, but with no other resource except a tiny pension, it’s the street that awaits Charles and his dog. No hand reaches out to him and his dignity forbids him to hold out his own. When the pair of man and animal find themselves alone on the railway tracks while a rattling train bears down upon them, does it signal the end or the beginning of a new life?


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Jean-Paul BelmondoCharles [L]
    Hafsia HerziLeila [L]
    Julika JenkinsJeanne [L]
    Francis HusterRobert [SR]


    1st ADThomas Trefouël
    Director of photographyVincent Jeannot
    Still photographerArnaud Borrel
    Costume designer (creator)Claire Fraïssé
    DirectorFrancis Huster
    EditorLuciana Reali
    Key gripStéphane Rouillon
    GafferChristophe Dural
    Key hair stylistGérard Carrissimoux
    Key makeup artistCharly Koubesserian
    Key makeup artistSandrine Facérias
    ComposerPhilippe Rombi
    Production designerDominique André
    Production managerPhilippe Schwartz
    Unit managerDominique-Claire Andrieu
    Personal driverAlex Roth
    Production sound mixerFrançois de Morant
    Sound re-recording mixerJean-Paul Loublier

    Production companies

    F comme Film [fr]
    ARD Degeto Film GmbH [de]
    in association with
    in association with
    Canal+ [fr]
    in association with
    in association with
    CinéCinéma [fr]
    in association with
    in association with

    Distributing companies

    Océan Films Distribution [fr]


    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 14/01/2009