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"9 BIERFILZLÄ" Plakat | ©Roland Eugen Beiküfner
©Roland Eugen Beiküfner

9 Bierfilzlä

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    Short Film | 2020-2022 | Germany

    Shooting data

    Filming regionsGermany - Bavaria

    Project data

    Length of movie14min/03s
    Aspect ratio16:9 (1 : 1,78)


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    Brief synopsis

    "9 BIERFILZLÄ oder DIE WEGBESCHREIBUNG" is a Franconian Heimatfilm without Navi. Pilot film for the Franconian series "DIE KÖNNER".
    A grotesque film series about four craftsmen in Franconia.
    Plot of "9 Bierfilzlä":
    A Friday in the Franconian metropolis of Nuremberg.
    Four craftsmen (one from Lower Saxony, one from Heeinsse, one from Franconia and one from
    Nuremberg native) of a small business called "Die Könner" (The Craftsmen)
    go before their homeward journey in different directions of the Nuremberg Metropolregion into a restaurant, whose opening time begins straight. With the four craftsmen the discussion comes on it to form for the building site lining up starting from Monday before a building market a car pool, in order to save costs. One of the craftsmen describes the route to his new home on nine beer mats. Since it concerns a new building area, no navigation device and also no portable radio functions there yet. Should one nevertheless rely on modern technology, one ends up in the former fish pond. On Monday morning, one of the craftsmen, with the nine beer mats lying on the passenger seat, sets off for this new development area to meet a newspaper deliverer who knows his colleague's house.
    But the newspaper deliverer is a substitute.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Roland Eugen BeiküfnerSteffen Holzer [L]
    Christian KernMichael Kiber [L]
    Dienemann FrankHerrmann Tischler [L]
    Stephan ZiehfreundKarlheinz Weiskopf [L]
    Friederike Pöhlmann-GrießingerMaria Drechsler [GS]
    Jürgen HalbritterWirt [SR]
    Joachim ZonsMiroslav Gala [SR]
    Christine HenningGerda Höfling [SR]


    Director of photographyThilo Sopp
    DirectorChristian Kern
    Head writerRoland Eugen Beiküfner